Rays of light

I stumble, I fall, I pick myself up 

and I fall again.

I have been blind for a while 

is it my eyes or harshness of the sunlight?

They say find a ray of hope.

There are so many rays, countless rays,

Which one is that ray of hope?

Each feels cold and deprived of any warmth.

Crisscrossing and passing quickly through me

each makes me more empty than before.

with particles that they carry, they carry small

bits and pieces of me. leaving me empty.

I fall just like an empty jar enduring the wind speed.

Empty jar can fight all it wants, it will be broken, 

when the wind decides to show its might.

I fall just like that, at the sight of light.

Find a ray of hope, they say.

But if every ray that finds me,

pushes through with all its might?

What if every ray that passes my by,

Leaves me more empty.

Rays, countless rays, they carry so many hopes. 

Waves of light walk through the pangs of night

leave the world bright. But my heart, full of light

is blinded by the bright, I crave the night.

Darkness was home, broken shattered pieces where

all I had left of me. I stumble and I fall, struggling hard

to stand against the might of it all, but light, with all its lightness

pushes me to fall. I stumble and I fall.


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