Letting go

I am letting go of all parts that remind me of you. All dreams that we once shared feel like rubble and slowly every action I take is crushing them like sand. I want to hold on to it but how do you hold onto sand? I try clinching it harder but like fine dust, every memory we shared is slipping away.

All that is left are your foot prints and they are all over this sand but may the forces of nature and time wash them away like wind and water do. Your smell will linger after you are long gone because unlike your love which was ephemeral my heart still pounds to your beats and my hand remembers how your hand fit perfectly in mine .

You are the true vagabond, I now understand because unlike you I can’t walk away. I just keep lingering in the spaces we created for us to exist.

With time may be I will break free or maybe I will cage myself in these walls.

Do you hear me scream? Because I can’t hear anything neither my voice nor my heart beat, I just hear your heart beat and many things you said – the good and the bad, like echoes from distance .


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