Sweet December


Oh sweet December,
you are finally here today
coldest day is going to be Wednesday
As I walk down this memory lane
Can I hold you in my long mane?
Oh sweet December,
Summer seems far off,
I hide myself in my woolen ware house,
I can feel the numbness
And ending of something that was longest
Its all hazy in the morning
Fog has emptied the surroundings
the leaves and flowers are misty like my eyes
Not yet dried from everlasting rains of yesterday
oh sweet December,
Pour me a coffee
or may be something warm
to end this cold year with 
tad bit of sweetness and warmth.
Oh sweet December
You wont last here either
like summer’s dust and heat
like springs warm breeze
like autumns cruel deaths
and like monsoons endless tears
you would leave me with bites and wounds.

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