Just Breathe

In the age we live, where the world is ever changing and the ones who come first only survive, we seldom breathe. My head is crowded with thoughts – too many to even give them any form. I made a promise to myself few months ago that I will travel as much as I can in months – years to come and I hoped these travels will give shape to my thoughts and may be in one of those travels I will also get an inspiration to act to the ideas that found shape.

I wanted to blog about my travels and here is the start

A Dive 

I can’t swim and my trip to Mahabalipuram just established that it’s stupid not to know swimming. But before I enlist my to-do’s. I want to take you through the dive. As I walked towards shore – the moist wind from the sea reminded me how great it felt to be on shore. I was with a group of friends  and we took a boat to middle of waters and we jumped into the sea. I had a life jacket on me and If you ask me, will I do it again? 

Hell, yeah! I would.  I struggled to keep myself vertical and I was horizontal all the time. I floated like round big ball away from rest of them and for long time was floating on the waters.  I could hardly hear anyone, may be I was far. Over me the wide sky and sun’s bright rays touched my skin. There was an over whelming sea all around me. The lengths of the sea and sky, just made me feel very tiny. I knew the skies have no boundaries and seas are huge but I never really felt it. This was the first time and what can I say – my thoughts, crowded voices in my head just stopped.

I spent rest of the day just breathing on the shore – it was the feeling of nothingness and it beats all.


(P.S : My to-do’s include learning to swim,  riding a bike and car)


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