Oh Friend!

I saw you that day; it was long time ago.

I saw you again, a few days later.

I kept seeing you everyday since then.

Summers glowed; winters snowed, rains poured,

Years came and left, you stayed.

You grew taller each passing year.


You were kind of thin and slender,

And everything about you was just as tender,

But you grew older, shades of grey increased

With a huge trunk and plenty of shade.


You saved me from scorching pain of heat,

You gave me warmth when it was cold,

You also kept me safe from rain, and you stood there

Strong and tall, I brought my friends; you loved them too.


I met my first love in your basking glory,

I cried when he broke my heart with you,

I came to you every night and every morning,

Oh my true friend! Where did you go away?


You are no longer there,

Sun is gotten harsher this summer,

Leaving bruises that I never had,

The rain came along with wind,

Wrenching my wounds and it was going to get worse,

Then came the winters, cold and cruel.


I stand right there, where we met.

I see you no more, nor do I see any traces.

Everyone left those friends and that love long gone,

You left too, with nothing but your memories. 


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