Cloud was it?

I thought it was a bright day, wasn’t it?

Riding the horses came the cloud, didn’t he?

The Red apple sun was hidden in his cape,

Just a few tiny rays peeped out of his mantle.

Gush came the winds, snatched the light away,

Fast and cold, blew everything on the ground,

Round, not so round, huge not so small, drizzled the tinkles,

Filled the road, and every hole around.

There in that crazy downpour, I stood.

I stood watching the waves roar.

We slid in just the three of us,

Drenched from the water above, and waves below.

Then we walked, walked all the way,

Kicking the water at each other,

Bearing the droplets not so small on our face,

We walked laughing our heart away.

We wear wet, not a little, did we dare.

We stood under the dripping roof,

Wanting a cup of tea and may be more.

There were dogs hoping we would run away,

Giving them shelter that they wanted.

It was not a bright day, neither was it cloud,

It was two of you, and bunch of dogs,

Huge droplets of waters, lightening and thunders,

That swept everything away.


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