Mind without fear

When I can look at the road,

I know I have miles to walk.

when I look at the sky,

I know the  clouds could  be cleared.

After the dark night,

If I can wake up with hope.

At a sunset, If I can believe in sunrise.

If I can face my own fears,

If I can embrace my failure,

With absolute hope in unknown future.

Just doing what I like.

Embarking on a journey, with no destiny

yet do it , because it has to be done.

If your words, your doubts,

only strengthen my thoughts.

If I can make a story of my own,

If I can write words, some inspired,

some as novel as a new bud,

If I can add some pictures, with some new colors.

If I can find a road, that was never travelled,

If I can find me, If I can find peace

I can find solitude in my own self, my journey,

That would be my  “mind without fear”.

% % %Inspired from music I recently heard and the poem ” Minds without fear” by Rabindra Nath Tagore % % %


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