Where does that land lie?

A place where you and I live at peace,

Where a dream is reality and reality nothing but nightmare,

Does that land really exist?


Esoteric like vague fantasies

Fantastic like Disney land

Where one seeks true happiness

Does it really exist?


I ask you, can you show me?

Show me a place, smallest piece of land in this huge earth,

Where lies no line or rule, where lies no hatred,

Where there is sanctity not society,

Where you and I can coexist.


With no hatred, no difference,

You say such place exists but

One has to take the route of death,

I ask you does it really exist on that path?


When on this huge earth you and I,

Can’t share a place so wonderful,

You ask me to believe that I will

Reach a heaven, a paradise, my dreamland,

Where I will be happy and at peace?


 Is it a dream you show me everyday,

So I get through this blood stained land

So I bear every pain that you give me

In the name of sacrifice, caste, country, race

With a hope, an endless hope that someday,

Someday I shall seek a place,


A place you call heaven,

A place I can at last be at peace

A place where freedom and love exist

With no boundaries no limitations

A place you call Paradise .


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