Oh, I was like a bird who knew to fly.

I had tears and smiles, just no one to share.

Not that I asked it the other way.

I learnt not to love anyone so much,

I learnt to live alone, I was happy

Who asked you to come, take me by storm?

I couldn’t help but to love you, and not

Not with half of my heart, but with everything I had.

Give you everything and not know how to let you go.

There are days ahead, where you would be far, now

I am not sure if I can let you go. I ask my heart what it wants.

Like the bird that needs a home to return, I need you to return to.

I want to come back every single night, to place where I find my peace.

But it was too much for a loner like me to ask.

You know I would let you go, ask you no reasons.

Nor question why you loved me with half of your heart.

I would set you free, because I never wanted to cage you,

Nor did I ask you to love me; I rather have you go then see you

See you tumult in turmoil’s of this unknown paths.


2 thoughts on “u

  1. “I need you to return to.” How interesting it is to know that there is a person who commands such a power. It is fulfilling and devastating all at once, isn’t it?

  2. When I wrote this one, I felt the same. But after spending couple of days with that person, I have different view now. If that person is so special that you feel like coming back at the end of journey, it must be true that he/she is going to be with you in the journey in some form or the other. In the form of inspiration, belief or as memories. I found that special some one in me. I realized earlier I used to talk to myself now I talk to him. He is a part of me and that’s the best feeling in the world. Now where ever I go, I take him with me. I am not sure If I can return to him, but I am sure I can feel him around and his support shall be with me. I guess letting go sometimes is the best way to be with someone…..

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