Golden Prison

I wonder how the world outside would look,

Are those skies so close to the mountains?

Do the seas and skies meet?

What would I do if I wasn’t in the prison?

would I be able to take a leap?


Dancing to the tunes my queen plays,

singing all those songs she once played;

I ask, I ask myself  how do other birds do it?

do they chirp same way or they rhyme

sweeter or bitter?


I have no fear of danger, even death is far off thought,

I get what I want, perhaps even more;

But I wonder what it would be to fight for what I want?

How would I feel, to fly all the way to get it?


I have none of my kind, yeah! I have my sweet queen;

but how would it be to be among friends,

to have some one chirp my lyrics,

to laugh to their jokes, to cry in their pain?


Not that I regret life the way it is.

I have everything, every joy one seeeks,

Yet I quest for troubles, emotions unknown.

The freedom that comes in with pain, hits hard with success,

A life outside my golden prison.


( special thanks to : Naveen Vedula for the Idea)


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