say something

I wish I could tell you, how I feel.
It pains to see you hide yourself,
I told you long back, that it was fine to be you
I just can’t stand a pretense, and its harder if its you.
I would understand every bit of you,
just few words, I can sense it right through,
I can’t help it but ask, yet I know you won’t tell.

Give it a try, let your thoughts speak,
even if it is hard on me, I would hear it.
Just like you do, every single time
you make me talk, hear me out.
I wish I could ask, I wish I could make you smile,
I wish I could wipe every single tear,
And let those fears out in the open sky,
Take you by the hand, hold you in my arms.
and let you know, its not good to be so alone.


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