baby, you are a rockstar :)

Twinkling like the Sirius,
Sparkling like a diamond.
Truthful and full of life,
those were the eyes, I remember.

Like the dew on the rose,
like the rays from the bright sun
spreading joy to the world, is your smile
innocent yet so beautiful.

Curly and frizzy, round and round it goes
smells so good, just like a perfume, mild yet sweet
your hair, not too long,
just as small as you.

you are beyond just the way you look,
the carefree attitude, the rock star you are
you are just three feet tall,
yet you hold the world, at your feet.

you stand in the middle, with tiny clothes,
big smile, loud music, dancing to tunes,
making others dance, loud and loud
you go, just like your heart beat.

Baby, you worry of nothing,
its you your way or highway,
you give people tough time,
yet we cant stop loving you,

Adoring you, just the way you are,
tiny footsteps you take, make us proud,
we sway to your moves, and laugh to your
cute little smile, and yeah you are a rockstar!


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