Be with you

Close my eyes, to fly to your world
For the waters are so clear, that I can see the pebbles;
Round and white just like the starlit sky
And I am just shut in those eyes lying beside you
 Close my mouth, to save the secrets
For those words you tell me, songs you sing;
 Steps we made to dance to them
And I am caged in those steps with you.
 Close my fist, to hide those moments
 For those times when you will hold my hand;
Touch my lips and look in my eyes
And I will be locked in the touch of yours
Close my arms, to hide myself in you
For those times when I will be scared;
I am in distress or pain.
And I am hidden from the world just with you
Close my brain, stop all thoughts
For those dreams and desires with you;
Those smiles and joys with you
 And I am paused in those moments with you
 Close my room, to be with you
 To live all  my life that I want to;
 To be in love with you and love you
 And I fly to a new world with you.

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