Without you

Life is merry,  a dream to come and knock the door.

You stood when nothing was there, you let it build.

You gave hand, you help me lay the bricks,

Now when the paint is on , you are lost.


Gone in the memories, it wasn’t you, it wasn’t me;

Yet we will never meet: nights are cold and empty;

I scream loud yet I hear no  sound, nor do I see you.

I wish I had learnt my lesson, yet I didn’t.


Don’t come and ask me why? Don’t ask me what I did

And why I did? I have no regrets, all I have is an empty closet.

I  will live my dream, but whom do I go and tell how I feel;

Some one told me, it is good to be alone, I wonder is it?


I walk with no shadow, neither do I whisper anymore;

I need no advice, nor do I need you anymore,

Glad you walked the distance, and made me stand where I am today.

But now that it is over, I wonder why I thought you would stay ?


Those meaningful words, those joyful games, it was to end.

Did you know it was supposed to be this way?

Oh, yeah you don’t even know it is over, or do you?

I doubt, if you know how it feels to be here.


But the day you know, I was here, the day you know,

I would be gone , long gone and then you would feel the same;

Or probably you would just get used to this, and have new dreams to paint.

I wish I leave you something, to tell you I was here, but I guess;

I guess, It doesn’t matter anymore .


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