Day to Night

Day to night :


Let’s bighten up the world today.

Let the sun not be lonely in sharing the rays

When we walk our path, let’s show others the way.

Put a few smiles, wipe a few tears,

like the particles of the light, let’s travel million miles.


Like the dawn of the day, lets find new hopes,

Living few dreams of the sleepy eyes,

With the bright colours of the day, let’s paint new world.

A world as bright as the morning light.


Lets find strength in the tough midday,

fighting the bad, like the sun fights clouds,

Reaching the depths of the sea, lightening the farthest soul

Determined to survive, sustain and shine.


Lets find love like the romantic evening,

Cheering to the mellow warm winds.

Drinking to the success of the day.

Like the birds returning home, like the sun setting down,

lets find home, sweet home to reach for the loved one’s.


Welcome the night, with cold round moon.

Letting people know, its time to rest.

Eat a good meal, take few steps,

Let the window open, to the twinkling stars.

Let your mind open to wonderful thoughts,

Like the number of moon rings

let yourself sink in numerous dreams.



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