Summer of 2011

You can may be call it late summer, the trip to kanyakumari was more then just one of those casual travels with my parents. The difference is actually three fold,

a) I got my first DSLR EOS  1100 D

b) I got to go on boat ride in the River Neyyar in Kerala which turned out to be platform for my first pics which am not sure how they will turn out to be, but I had great time shooting them.

c) I saved a lot of time not going to temples ( no disrespect intended)

I can remember a quote by  Michael Palin

“I am not a great cook, nor a great artist, but I love art and I love food, so I am the perfect traveller.”

It was something like that, exploring the kerala food ( vegetarian – there was great variety) and trying my hands with my new gadget was just an experience that I can never forget and needs to be pen down. So my next several posts, I am going to attach few pics (best of my collection) and stories of the trip…. 🙂 Wish you have a great time reading this.


(P.S First one about the trip should be on blog by monday)


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