You came in just like a storm,

Washing all old memories in that storm,

I let you in, and saw something in your eyes

ah!the truth, the pain and something I can’t really explain!

I let you hold my hand, care for me,

I let you in my room, that was empty

yes my  walls were white,

with faint colors of black and grey.

You brought colors, red and just a few

I was delighted  to tell the least,

Days passed by and seasons changed.

The warmth of summer was just faint.

There was besetting of storm of silence and those listless blues

Couldn’t differentiate red of pain or red of you;

Summer had lost its glory, rains came washing every single memory

All the red and blue was gone, oh gosh! I totally forgot my roof was long gone


It was blank white again with neither black nor grey

I was standing in waters stained with colors I couldn’t name,

Looking at the merciless, endless skies

And wondering when would it stop pouring again.


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