Its about small things

Its about small things,

smell of first rain drop on parched ground

smile of a kid, rays of morning sun

A full moon night, or gigantic mountains

Yes, its all about small things.

They bring me joy, excite me

Make me write verses, which sure

you think make no sense,

Nor do you enjoy them, or do you?

You think am crazy and stupid

others think am fickle, with no firm mind

I make decisions in moments, I regret

I cry and suffer, yes for small things.

But these small things,

may it be my blank verses or

my crazy fanatism for photography,

my joy for these small things,

makes me what I am !

It is these small things,

that fills colors in my not so small life,

It adds shades of sorrow and happiness,

it brings you, is that small enough?

And it brings in everything else, all big things

yes, its always about these small things !!!


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