Dreams that have Wings

Dreams that have wings

Depriving you of your sleep

Baffling your thoughts always

Dreams that have wings….

Silence fills the noisy rooms

Enunciating just the simple thoughts,

is becoming another brick in the wall,

Fancy crazy ideas that once fascinated you

start to lose their meaning and elude you

And you thought, Dreams had wings

Affection and love of people who care

no longer aids  but alienates you

Direction lost ,  words run short

expectation in the eyes of others,

only reminds you of what you couldn’t do,

And sure yes, once dreams had wings

But did you forget something dear?

did you forget that dreams have wings,

but you need the fuel to take off first,

did you forget dreams get wings when they become reality

Yes, dreams have wings

When was it about those eyes with expectations,

or for those loved one’s , yes dreams have wings

from those bizarre thoughts and world changing ideas

yes dreams have wings but they are from you,

you gave them the wings and now you ask

do dreams have wings??


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