tequila craze….

Crazy and charming you are: you carry
the wisdom of wise person
Wonderment and fantasy that you are
I have never seen one like you.

Though benzene and ether make no sense to me
You make them sound fascinating, you dance
to tunes that at times I can’t understand, And you
your fanatic craze for the game of cricket
Quite literally drives me crazy.

Crazy hair girl, I know we have
so much uncommon yet I want to tell you
I share a special bond with you
And it hurts to see you cry.

I know you miss someone and its hard,
But sweety you still care and He is
there right by your side, when you need him.
You are lucky and take that from me.

When some one you love is the one,
one who hurts you, and all you ask yourself
Is how can you still care for that
one person who hurt you the most.

I am not sure if I can help you,
But I want to tell you I care,
Yes I care a hell for you, I can’t deny
the ‘crazy you’ makes me laugh my heart out

life can be hard and it will hurt you,
But you know on those days, I will
I will come and share a tequila with you
I will let you drink your pain, and
if not see you go crazy, will drive you mad

Oh yeah, I will be there
On the days you want to fight
on the days you want to cry
And on other days to just, just
let you drive me crazy.


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