All that you are Dad

am not sure how you felt when you first saw me

I am not sure how it was when you first held me

But I know you were the one who took my hand first

And I do know you were the one who first kissed me.


I was three when I walked in your mighty shoes

Bit your shoulder and refused to leave you alone

I talked hours and days to you,

I know I made no sense yet somehow it all makes sense now.


I used to play with you, I remember fighting with you,

You were my first friend and I learnt from you.

How can I forget the way you made me play with numbers

And made the outside world sound full of wonders.


I remember the tube light physics

And the way you made ether and alcohol a mystery.

The first chemistry test I failed

You bought me an ice cream and told me it was okay.


I argue with you and love fighting with you.

I and my bizarre dreams find their meaning thanks to you.

I know if I can convince you,

the rest of the world just doesnt matter.


Calm and placid nature you possess

Wisdom that lies in your eyes

Rest of world thinks you are laconic,

But I know you are full of great thoughts.


You hold all pain with no complaints,

You stand by me everytime I fall.

Hold me and show me a new direction of hope,

And tell me to live in the moment.


I never told you how much I love you

I find your ideology so great to live

You are one person where my admiration finds its apogee

And some day I would want to be like you


May be a day comes

when you look at me with pride

till then all I have for you is

just these petty words from my heart

You are for sure the world’s most awesome DAD.



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