I remember the first time I met you,
you asked me for languages I knew not who I was.
Further days passed with silence, and our paths were just so different.
Some thing made you talk to me, If you ask me now
I might shrug it off with some excuse.

We found a place which gave us peace,
And later called it kingdom that we reigned.
We spent evenings and nights talking,
And you judged me to be crazy.

Days passed by, conversations just knew no bounds of time
I didn’t need any friend and coffee with you made my day.
I started loving the time we spent and adored it, as moments passed by.
I liked every single thing about you, your caustic sarcasm to your loving concern
And one day I knew I liked you, reasons will never end.
I thought may be I will come to you and tell you,
but was afraid that I would lose you.

Fear just couldn’t stop my guts to like you,
And there I was holding your hand the next day.
You ask me reasons today, and I can give you may be a never ending list
From the warmth of your presence to the sense of humor you possess,
From the concern you share to sarcasm that drives me mad,
the list will go on and has no definite end.
Then I realize I have no particular reason,
If I did then I would love the reason not you.

I apologize for asking you the same, there are never enough reasons to like anyone.
Reasons are logical boundaries to limit emotions,
Yet emotions are so varied and diverse for words to encompass.
I am sorry for my futile attempt and would end the fight saying
I don’t care about any…


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