Deep and blue , calm and curious,

Like the deep seas

Shining with dreams and glittering with hopes,

like those far off stars.

Holding the future with closed lids,

And carrying the pain with such grace.

I narrate life with no words,

yet some how I remain unheard.

Everyone can lie, but I can’t hide

look into me, and you will have the truth.

I express emotions like nothing else,

True love can also sink in my tears

I ask questions like none can,

I intimidate and show affection.

I can travel world in minutes,

None but I can take you to heaven.

I can express with no sounds,

I can smile and shine, cry and turn red.

I open the world to you,

I am the nature’s telescope and non-photographers hope.

I fill colors in the world for you,

I complete the stories for you.

I am imagineer’s dream and scientist’s vision,

I am the eye,

Deep and blue, calm and curious..


2 thoughts on “Eyes

    1. Thank you 🙂 btw i mailed Sarah Kay sometime back… And she replied..She gave me links for many performances and few book suggestion on poetry 🙂 🙂

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