You and Me

I thought I would never cry,

Even the sorrow of missing you felt too hard to carry.

I wish I could break down and feel lighter,

Rejoicing memories of you and me together.

Instead I walked long distances in the pain,

Moist air hugged me with its warmth

And the mud tried to make me smile,

With its pleasant and addictive smell.

I kept walking, with no signs of destination.

I pleaded the mud to ask the air, to bring the drops of Rain.

I begged the air to bring the vicarious tears,

And make me feel lighter and find me solitude.

In my long walk, there I stumbled in that path,

The path that we walked together,

Hundreds of fireflies wandering and lightening the path.

With you beside me, holding my hand and saying no words

Yet a pleasing and secure silence sailed.

And a tear stands in the doorway of my eye,

I looked up in sky and felt something on my forehead,

Drops of rain embrace me from heaven.

I walked that path again, this time only without you

Hoping to find you there, and hold my hand again.


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